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Analysis: 5 challenges Brazilian domestic football must overcome

In the underground boardrooms of the Hilton Hotel in São Paulo, Brazil’s top lawyers and businessmen convened for a two-day conference discussing the future of Brazilian football. Sports betting, fan violence, and NFTs were among the central items on the agenda for discussion at the CONFUT event, yet two words were almost certainly mentioned in every lift and every hotel corridor conversation: ‘SAF’ and ‘league’. 

Why did Brazil’s awful 2014 WC striker Fred receive a hero’s farewell to football?

Outside Brazil, Fred’s that lump who lost 7-1. But for Brazilians, Fred is the national league’s second highest top goalscorer ever, Fred is the man who stops to talk to his fans on the streets, Fred is the fox-in-the-box, instinctive striker, and, for Fluminense FC fans, the Superman-Rambo hybrid who is worthy enough of an extravagantly ceremonious farewell to football.  

Why is the next decade pivotal for Brazil?

Over the last 20 years, Brazilian football has seen itself limp behind the pace of European football. Brazil’s overall football landscape can only be rendered decadent, degenerate, and dire. But Qatar 2022 could be Brazil’s Italia 90 checkpoint. 

Viva la Varsity

Viva la Varsity

“Varsity is a fixture founded upon a snobbish, Victorian chivalric, public schoolish, stop-masturbating-in-your-bedroom-young-boys clash of virility and masculine physicality.”

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