About me

I’m a young and ordinary fan who loves football, like you. Living in London and having been raised in a Brazilian family, it was always inevitable I would too adore football. Football has become a part of my life; I can’t imagine a world without it.

I remember my first ever game at the age of around 5 at the historic Marcana stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My dad, along with some family friends, took me to watch Fluminense play Palmeiras at the same stadium which had once held 217,000 people in 1950. I was left in awe, at how a game could bring people together. I don’t remember the final scoreline, it may have been a draw, but the atmosphere is what still lives on with me.

And so my father was eager to raise me to admire football just like he did, and hopefully devote my life to Fluminense. But I didn’t devote my life to Fluminense. I do still have affection for the club, but, the brilliance of European football and the Premier League intrigued me. The many great games in the Champions League, and the phenomenal 21st century football legends, and the ruthless managers, and the exciting transfer window, and all the great things about football are what really made me fall in love with this ‘game’. When it comes to football, there’s no shame in crying when your country or team is knocked out a tournament.  I would not be able to even picture a life without football.

Football is the biggest and best sport in our world.  I believe it would be just a little bit less special if there was one less journalist, one less player, one less fan, one less sports brand, or one less club. It’s so important to realise that every player, every fan, every manager, every penny spent, every football pitch  and every other aspect of football make this sport better than any other sport.

However, the aim of this blog is to explore topics or arguments in football not many always tend to unravel. Remember,  I am just another fan, like the millions of people in our world. I have never worked in the football business in any way, so I am an outsider. And, importantly,  don’t hesitate to leave a comment in response, and share or discuss with our friends over the different topics  on this blog. Thank you!