Quirk report: Clones shout about on the touchline as City beat Arsenal


In Manchester City’s 1-0 win against Arsenal at the Emirates, the empty seats at the Emirates were fortunate spectators to a twice-a-season miracle: cloned managers pacing, shouting and theatrically gesturing about their touchlines. Mikel Arteta was once again caught “playing Pep” at the Emirates, whereas Guardiola, the master clone of the two, eyed down the game with serious intent.

In a game where small Sterling headed a ball into the net, the fashion dress-ups of the two managers was so stylish. Arteta, the younger and most handsome of the two, opted for a cool, dark overcoat and a beige turtle-neck jumper (to keep him warm), and made sure to use his usual sticky, Playmobil hair-gel. Guardiola, the master clone of the two, this time chose to wear a grey designer hoodie. The chique, modern managers also erratically gesticulated their hands to-and-fro, but also ensuring their instructions were controlled, clear, methodical, smart, forward-thinking, revolutionary and entertaining for their respective teams. I managed to only count a cumulative of 24 seconds of silence through the match. (Reliable testing is not guaranteed)

Little is to be known whether this modernity will live on in current times. Beardy, roughened-up Jurgen Klopp likes his tracksuits and dry laughs, and shy Solksjaer enjoys sitting down and VARing the game over his pitchside monitor. But many like this kind of manager style, so hopefully they keep it in the game. Guardiola’s Man City are now 10 points clear at the top, and Arteta’s Arsenal rest in 10th for the time being.

Image credit: qimono