Quirk report: Ball hits Salah’s back as he fails to fall to the ground, Fulham then score


In the first half of the matchup between Liverpool and Fulham, the Cottagers went one-up after Mo Salah was lightly nudged in the back by Fulham wing-back Robinson. Reid’s flying strike past Alisson might have caught most watchers’ eyes, but Salah’s (failed) theatrics in the lead-up to the goal was especially entertaining for the keen watcher.

After the corner had been cleared away by Matip, Salah looked destined to win the ball. The Egyptian king watched the ball as it travelled down, only for Robinson to come in behind and let Salah know he was coming with a slight nudge. Salah, stumbling about, cried out in desperation, as he looked to win his team a soft foul. This time, his attempt catastrophically failed, as he failed to even fall onto the ground. Instead, the ball ricocheted off Robinson’s flinging foot, and hits his back. Fulham go on to score. And Salah is still searching for the ball. Fulham one, Liverpool nil, Salah minus one. Oh Mo.

Update: Salah made up for it a tad with a poorly-placed penalty which did go in.

imagre credit: Mehdi Bolourian